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ABOUT Daarel sakeenah

Delve into the Heart of Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies

Daar El Sakeenah International Academy stands as a beacon of excellence in Islamic education and scholarship. Established with a vision to provide exceptional Arabic and Qur’an education globally, our institution also offers comprehensive translation services and professional printing solutions in both Arabic and English languages. Rooted in the principles of knowledge, integrity, and service, we strive to empower students of all ages with the tools they need to thrive academically, spiritually, and culturally.

Our Mission

At Daar El Sakeenah, our mission encompasses several key objectives that drive our commitment to educational excellence and accessibility:

  1. Qur’an Memorization: We are dedicated to facilitating the memorization of the Qur’an with ease and clarity. 

  2. Virtual Learning: Through our virtual classes in Qur’an studies, we seek to transcend geographical barriers and provide students with access to high-quality education from the comfort of their own homes.

  3. Arabic Language and Islamic Studies: We are committed to nurturing our students’ proficiency in the Arabic language, Qur’an sciences, and Hadith studies.

  4. Translation Services: Our translation bureau operates round-the-clock to facilitate communication between diverse linguistic communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower students from diverse cultural backgrounds to master the Arabic language fluently and memorize the Qur’an by heart. By fostering a deeper connection to their faith and heritage, we aim to cultivate a global community of knowledgeable and spiritually grounded individuals who contribute positively to society.

How to Register

Register and Choose a Your Preferred course

Embark on Your Educational Journey: Register Today and Select Your Preferred Course. Tailor your learning experience to your aspirations, with a range of courses in Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies waiting for you at Daar El Sakeenah.

Our Team

Meet Our Amazing Tutors

Our tutors are the heart and soul of Daar El Sakeenah International Academy. With their unparalleled expertise and dedication to student success, they inspire and guide learners on their journey towards Qur’anic mastery and spiritual enlightenment. Our team includes qualified female tutors, ensuring a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all.

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Flexible Schedule

Our flexible schedule allows you to manage your studies alongside work, family, and other commitments.


Explore Arabic, Quran, & Islamic Studies Today!

Dive into the rich heritage of Islamic knowledge with Daar El Sakeenah. Our courses offer a transformative journey through the Arabic language, Quranic memorization, and the wisdom of Islamic teachings.

Daar El Sakeenah provides courses in Arabic language, Quranic studies, and Islamic teachings for learners of all ages.

We offer both personalized one-on-one classes, providing individual attention, and group sessions, fostering collaborative learning experiences.

To register for a course, simply visit our website, choose your preferred program, and follow the easy registration process outlined on the platform.


What Our Students Say About Us

Ahmed Abbas Student

Enrolling in Daar El Sakeenah was one of the best decisions I've made for my spiritual and educational growth. The one-on-one classes helped me understand the Quran and Arabic language in ways I never thought possible. The tutors are incredibly patient and knowledgeable, making the learning experience truly enriching.

Sara Malik Working Professional

As a busy professional, I struggled to find time for my studies. Daar El Sakeenah's flexible schedule and live online classes made it possible for me to pursue my passion for Islamic studies while balancing my work and family life. The quality of instruction exceeded my expectations, and I am grateful for the transformative journey it has set me on.

Bilal Khan Student

I enrolled my children in Daar El Sakeenah's kids' classes, and I am amazed at how much they've learned and grown in such a short time. The curriculum is engaging and age-appropriate, and the female tutors are nurturing and supportive. My kids look forward to their classes every week, and I'm delighted to see their enthusiasm for learning about our faith and language.

Amina Ahmed Student

Studying at Daar El Sakeenah has been a transformative experience for me. The personalized attention I received during one-on-one classes helped me progress rapidly in my Quranic memorization and understanding of Arabic grammar. I highly recommend Daar El Sakeenah to anyone seeking a deeper connection with their faith and language.